living with you

warmness surrounds me
in our cold little apartment.
standing in our tiny kitchen,
you make us egg omelettes.
using the last of our pepperjack cheese
and toasting our raisin cinnamon muffins,
you sing quite silly and free
of pop songs I play a lot; quite often.
and i sit here taking in all this beauty.
of my everyday living with you;
i want to photograph it all.
to remember what it is like.
but we are not photographing types
i will have to trust my mind
and my eyes to remind me
when i’m older.

a moment in time i documented a couple of months ago on a lazy sunday. luckily for this blog, i’ll have these words that remind me too. i hope you’re having a good day! if you are inspired, feel free to share a short moment in time of your life.


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