snapshots of Taiwan

Taken in 2008, scanned. I don’t develop many photographs I take, but i found these in an album. maybe in the future i can dig up more photographs. Enjoy.

july 28, 2008- a view i wanted to remember. it was hot and humid. hiking in the mountains, feeling connected to the earth and sleeping with windows open..had some of the best sleep here.
august 3, 2008, view from Taipei 101. feels crazy to see so much life happening in such a bigger, farther view.
august 9, 2008, taken at a sulphur spring. very smelly, very much nature though. views are so beautiful when you mostly see calm mother earth.
august 9, 2008 – i believe my uncle took me to this beach. people fishing. i remember it being very humid here and thinking how they can wear long sleeves and long pants and a hat!
august 9, 2008 – taken on top of a bridge that lead me to a park i absolutely fell in love with. i went often very early in the mornings to see people silently exercising tai chi and the noises of the birds. vespas are so popular in taiwan. i loved riding on one and feeling closeness to the views around me (sounds dangerous, i know, not sure how i feel about it now).

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