thrift store

in a discovery of something desired,
walking and seeing with careful eyes,
(aisle to aisle of memories buried beneath),
i imagine where these things used to live.

perhaps a child who played endlessly
with the small model house; or
maybe an old scholar who would (re-)read
page to page of their beloved book,
given with a written message for their birthday.

donated items, as they were freely given
were not tossed aside or thrown into garbage cans.
they were considered and thought of,
with their memories attached, with a hope

that these items could live again with another.
hope that their use can exist elsewhere
more needed and wanted and more relevant.
there is beauty and honor in these thrift stores.

they have potential to offer something
more meaningful and more connected.
take a chance on checking out your local store.
maybe you’ll find something worthwhile.

i’ve recently been busy for a few months now and since i had some time,  i visited one of my favorite thrift stores the other day. here’s to show some support to great organizations like thrift and secondhand stores because some not only promote an economical lifestyle, but they also give life to charities that ultimately give life necessities to those who need it. i was inspired to write this poem after i saw a framed 1000-puzzle piece assembled with such care and also seeing a beautiful crochet quilt of all various kinds of yarn. someone put their heart into this project. it matters.


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