DIY: fresh summer rolls

Still learning and clearly not a pro in wrapping, but still delicious!

I love my mom’s cooking. Currently, I am slowly, yet surely, making some dishes she makes for our family. Still on the list to make is her curry Vietnamese pancake, grilled eggplant in seasoned sauce, her VERY YUMMY egg rolls and the list goes on. My mom has always been such a great cook and she always prefer cooking at home than eating or ordering out. If you ask her why, she’ll always say that it’s way more delicious and it doesn’t cost a lot to make. Since I was raised as a vegetarian growing up, many of her dishes can be substituted with or without meat. This post is based on her fresh summer rolls tutorial. I love how refreshing, filling and adaptable this recipe is. Here we go!

You will need (makes about 6-7 fresh rolls, but can be adjusted to your preference)

  • 6-7 spring roll skins (made out of rice flour, tapioca starch, water and salt)
  • 2 “squares” of rice noodles (refer to left image above)
  • Eggs (I used two, but use however many you like)
  • Chopped chicken pieces (I used two chicken breasts, but use however many you like)
  • Fresh salad greens (as many as your heart desires)
  • Heated water to soften spring roll skin (enough to cover bottom of a large pan)
  • 1 tablespoon of peanut butter (for dipping sauce)
  • 1 tablespoon of soy sauce (for dipping sauce)
  • 1 tablespoon of hoisin sauce (for dipping sauce)
  • a few drops of Sriracha (for dipping sauce, optional)
  • Chopped green onions (for dipping sauce, optional)

-I’ve used shrimp with this and it’s very delicious
-Dipping sauce should be geared towards your preference. The sauce I make is different every time, but the above calculations are based on the one I most recently made. It may be too peanut buttery, but I liked it like that.
-Sauces, rice noodles and spring roll skin can be most likely found in your local Asian supermarket.
-Serving size is based on how many you want to make. One spring roll skin makes one serving. Make sure to cook enough filling for the amount you plan on making. Since the spring roll skin is made one at a time, you’ll be able to see how much filling you have left without wasting any food!
-Have fun!

Dipping sauce:

Combine the peanut butter, soy sauce, hoisin sauce, Sriracha and green onions in a small bowl. Mix well. Taste and adjust to your preference. Remember that the fresh rolls will also balance out the strong flavors of the sauce.


1. Cook the chicken (I seasoned with salt and pepper and/or soy sauce), but it can be cooked plain if you want), rice noodles (according to package) and eggs (scrambled style)


2. Assemble the cooked chicken, mixed dipping sauce, a handful of salad greens, cooked rice noodles and scrambled eggs on a table.


3. Heat up water in a large pan (large enough to fit a spring roll skin). I like to fill the water a little above the line (refer to right photograph below). I waited until there was a soft boil and then decreased the temperature to very low to keep the water warm. Be careful, this part can be tough because you can’t leave the spring roll skin in for too long (just for 1 or 2 seconds) or it’ll start to break apart. Also, it can be very hot!

4. Place the spring roll skin on a plate (making sure to keep the shape flat and not folded, however, it may be tricky for beginners because the spring roll skin is a bit sticky). Quickly add the assembled ingredients just below the center. You don’t want the spring roll skin to dry out.


5. Here’s the wrapping part. I’m not good at this yet, but practice makes perfect! Either way, no matter what shape your roll ends up looking, it’ll taste super yummy! Follow the photographs below for how I wrap.

Lift the bottom section towards the center. Make sure to cover all the filling you just placed with the bottom flap.
Fold the left and right side flaps to the center. The skin is sticky so take your time!
Finish up the wrap by rolling it upwards and making sure the filling is secured tight.

6. Now it’s time to eat! Dip them into the sauce and enjoy! You’ll be surprised how full you feel just eating a few. They’re pretty addicting and fun to make, too. This recipe is very adaptable, so feel free to change up the meat or adjust the sauce or take out or add more. It’s all up to you.

15 thoughts on “DIY: fresh summer rolls

    • haha oh wow! thank you! i take that as a compliment. :) i read your post about the benefits of being a minimalist family and i am honored you’d use your time on a diy i created! by the way, i think the minimalist lifestyle with your family is very meaningful and refreshing! i wanted to comment, but was too shy haha :)

      • Oh thanks for the compliment :) Please don’t be shy, just jump in so we can start a nice chat!
        I was thinking of you as we bought all we need for the rolls this morning. The kids are hyper excited, hope they ll look half as good as yours :)

      • haha thank you! I’m sure they’ll look better! And luckily, they’ll taste delicious no matter how your wrap them :) Looking forward to your future posts so i can chat away! :)

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