a moment of reflection

there’s this sense of wonderment
and curiosity that i have always had.
embarking on a whole new adventure & experience
means more to me than any souvenir i can buy.
for me, the final product isn’t as important
than how it is created; how it is made and why.

far into the sky, beyond the chaos of pollution,
centers this fluffy cloud of dreams that was
left behind by life’s highest expectations.


i fell in love and in the deepest way;
where logic met with desire and fulfilled
all the little ideas and observations i’ve ever had.

dreams can come true.

and what came from all of this is myself and today;
the here and now.
won’t you join me?

in the next few weeks, there’ll be some changes i want to update you all on and hopefully it’s good and new and fun, most of all. regarding future posts, i’ve finally taken a good batch of film photographs to show you all. i’m really excited. it’s a similar style of photos i’ve posted before, but i hope to include some insights from when they were all taken. i also have to remember to gather all my food photos! i hope you’re having a meaningful week full of love, happiness and smiles! let’s enjoy the sun!


4 thoughts on “a moment of reflection

  1. Good poem and I’m looking forward to your photographs. I’m planning on enjoying the sun when it finally comes out – we’ve had a long series of rainy days in southwest Ohio.

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