some home cookin’ II

hello there, thought to share some more photographs of some home cooking & baking. here’s the first post if you’d like to check out those photos. haven’t cooked anything different/new lately. hopefully that’ll change in the coming months. my goal is to cook/bake something new and different and showcase them here for memories. i’ll unlikely post dishes i’ve already posted, so each one will only include new dishes i’ve made!

blueberry muffins, best ones i made so far. pretty happy about that
Chinese rice porridge or congee. i made this with ground turkey. so heartwarming, literally and surprisingly reallly deliciously flavorful
a shrimp scampi remix with leftover noodles. we were surprised how yummy it was.
failed attempt at making cinnamon rolls without yeast, okay cookie though
our spin on Vietnamese fresh summer simple and packed with delicious flavor, a DIY here if you missed it.
black beans, diced tomatoes, corn, whole wheat pasta and gooey cheese (didn’t need a lot of it, which is good)
bacon lettuce turkey sandwich on toasted Italian bread (I think?)
strawberry banana muffins, check out my poem post for these.

8 thoughts on “some home cookin’ II

  1. Everything looks so good, including the cinnamon roll cookies. This is such a good idea to photo document different recipes as you make them.

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