facing fear

looking up and seeing what’s up

Among all the emotions we are capable of feeling, fear is an interesting one that I have found to be both at times very discouraging, but also very empowering. I believe that the fear comes from a place of good intentions. It makes us vulnerable and honest with ourselves.

going down the steps from Government Center

We fear because in a way, we are protecting and preparing ourselves for unfamiliar situations and/or unknown outcomes. I don’t think we have to face all our fears, but I think it’s good to challenge ourselves and push out of our comfort levels sometimes. We are human and we are all different; invincibility all the time is unrealistic.

loved the dimensions the different buildings give

And not all fears are easy to face.

a big flower shop is no longer in business now, i wonder if it’ll be torn down or built into another business?

To me, my main focus is happiness because that gives me the ultimate joy to feel gratitude, fulfillment and meaning. Determination to your goal (whether it is to be happy, strong, or independent) scares fear away (or at least enough to go for it and face it!)

makes me think we’re back in time with the fading of this photograph

Fear forces us to explore other options to feel less scared and hopefully, allows us to find courage to overcome it. Exploring in unknown lands, traveling by yourself, getting lost, job interviews, getting surgery, public speaking, heights, failure, relationships–whatever it may be, the more we explore, gain experiences and knowledge, the more informed we are.

so many windows!

Maybe this new knowledge opens up a whole new perspective on what you fear. If you look closely, you’ll see that there are layers and layers of details of the bigger picture.

reflections and details

There are so many angles to see fear. Why now? Why this? How long? Which way? Maybe you try to understand your fear by writing about it, researching it online, practicing a skill or talking with friends and family. Maybe you resolve it through meditation or going for a run.

the breeze felt nice on this bridge, feels good looking ahead

…And when you pass through the doorway to safety and getting over the fear, you wonder why you were so scared. You see that all the scary parts seem miles away. When seen up close, the scary big monster of fear was actually just this thing that everyone else has or will go through and it all makes sense now.

there were food trucks here that day, too bad this isn’t in color, the mural is very much so colorful…see here
taking in the view


…that you are not alone. You never were. Through these experiences, we are built stronger than before.

it’s crazy to be reminded how much work goes…
…into the creation of buildings.


these photographs were taken around the Boston city within walking distance. i was testing out my new film camera (found at a thrift store! ) surprisingly, i used colored film, but it developed into black and white. it’s lucky because black and white film is more expensive anyway. i love the texture of the photographs. the dates are completely wrong, too. taken 2016 not 1994. i thought this impromptu trip around the city (and seeing it in various locations) complemented well with the topic of navigating our varying perspectives of fears and their depths. think about this, when was the last time you faced your fears and your life changed for the better because of it?


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