portland, maine


people seemed really laid back, calm and peaceful here. they kinda do their own thing and let others do their own thing, too. they’re not mean or overly friendly; a good in-between. it reminds me of the vibe of albany new york with harvard square massachusetts with local small businesses and lots of good food and every place being walkable.

check out some nice architecture, casco bay, too many photos of buildings and cute seating:

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let’s talk about food! when i was doing some research before visiting, i could already sense that it wasn’t going to be one of those trips in which i hike or window shop. it’s an eating trip. if you’re a foodie, then you should think about coming here (do some online research and drool over some food pics). i’d also suggest selecting the places you want to go because we just sort of winged it regarding time, so now i want to go back and try more restaurants and different foods :) i didn’t take photos of everything we ate, but here are a few (restaurants pics from top to bottom: the holy donut, fuji restaurant, otto & ramen suzukiya)

mmm…i tried the sweet potato ginger glaze & maple bacon, the holy donut
loved my pizza with mashed potatoes, bacon and scallion!, otto

my favorite regarding vibe was at ramen suzukiya. the owner is so nice and the whole aesthetics of the restaurant was very clean, smooth and simple. overall, the food of portland is simply fresh and delicious. some more highlights from my trip are:

the art gallery at maine college of art (meca). we got to check out their mfa thesis exhibition 2016

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the local businesses like:

electric buddhas

the owner is super knowledgeable and had lots of cool stuff displayed and not to mention all the cool records, video game gear and vintage tees to browse.

portland flea-for-all

if you’re like me and you like browsing & thrifted/vintage stuff, then this is a really cool place to check out, too. really eclectic stuff and just a nice place to get lost in and feel inspired by.

and here’s me trying to take some artsy, raw photographs:

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if you liked this travel post, feel free to check my photographs from albany ny, a poem video and some photographs of vermont, and snapshots of taiwan.


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