a heartwarming video

Before this blog became more complex with posts about my art and writings, it was frequently used as a place for me to record all the happy things that happened to me on that particular day. This is one of those posts. I came across this video called {THE AND} Alejandra & Alexa I Love You More Than I Love Myself. It is a conversation between a mother and daughter and it made me cry happy tears. Their bond is so strong and there is so much love. I value this video because there is honesty, genuine emotion and a look into a deep connection between the two. I adored the line from the video title, and also the sweet ending. I truly appreciate it when media involves this kind of honesty and truth.

And in wrapping up this post about family, I hope you all had a happy Father’s Day; especially to all the supportive and loving fathers out there! :) Happy Monday and hope the week starts off on the right foot!


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