happy fourth of july

A calm day for me as many are out in backyards grilling bbq treats and soaking in the beautiful sunshine. I took a walk today at a nearby pond I used to wander so often before. Feeling grateful for these past few days to relax with my love as we remember why we enjoy these walks and immerse ourselves into nature. The greens of the trees, ducks swimming along and young children riding their training-wheeled bikes are all signs of energized life cycling through another summer we can all share. Upon our walk, I see a sign that says art for sale as a child of probably nine years young displayed sketches of the American flag. I stopped for a second and passed by, but took another moment. I decided to purchase one and ultimately, his reaction was what truly mattered. He was so excited and shared the news with his dad. He asked what other sketches he should draw. The happiness he gained is something I believe we all desire. When we put ourselves out for the world to see and our art on display, we want to connect with another and hope that we made some kind of impression and that the work we do matter. As I look at this sketch I have in my hand, I see and appreciate the pride this child had in his passion and the country he lives in.


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