focus in

i shot these while the camera went right in front of the object. i think it was a mason jar. the lights reflected off of it & created a nice effect. last night, i took part in filming a little bit of a cool light experiment with mirrors. maybe i’ll post some shots in the future.  i have more food photos for the next home cookin post. & also a few things about sustainability and being more eco-friendly i wanted to share. i know i can post ahead of time, but i like posting real time. it’s one of the best parts of blogging for me. to be in the moment. although, i def have posted ahead of time. it’s interesting to juggle multiple things at a time & want to do it all. how do you organize life?

it’s funny when you focus in so closely that yes, the image becomes clearer, but then if you go too deep, it becomes even too blurry you don’t even know what the object was in the first place.

focus in on me,
come up to my face.
see right into my eyes.
what do you see?
was it what you thought?
or something entirely different?


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