7 minutes | gratitude

I got up early today because I got very poor sleep this week. My body couldn’t take it last night, so it rebelled and had me sleep earlier. I am so thankful for that. Sleep is so necessary and harder and harder to get as we age. I only have 7 minutes until I have to start my day, so I want to take this time to write 7 things I’m happy/grateful for:

  1. To get a full night of sleep last night. My mind feels more clear and body relaxed.
  2. To have moment with my love in the car last night singing along to one of our favorite songs.
  3. Today is Friday!
  4. To have the ability to walk every day and take in nature.
  5. This blog.
  6. Good and deep conversations about life or even simpler things.
  7. Hearing laughter and seeing smiles.

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