living sustainably

i think i’ve always had this part of me who liked to conserve. my mom taught me very young that being wasteful was just that…wasteful.  as a resourceful and creative person, my mom always found ways to re-use items and compost organic waste for her garden. i learned that eggshells, cut up veggie bits, tea leaves, old leaves from the trees and fruit skins could be used to make healthy soil for the next year. after much research, i could write a huge list of things we could all do to be more eco-friendly (and maybe i will one day), but i think right now, i’d rather just do them. lately, i’ve been fascinated by living sustainably. there are so many good ideas and things i wish i did earlier or wish i could do if i had more space/money/resource. i’m hoping to have more posts with this topic in mind to keep myself mindful.

the clothes we buy & wear and what it means

to start, i’d like to mention a documentary i recently watched called, The True Cost. where do our clothes come from? who makes them? every day, i wear pieces of clothing from stores i could name to you, but if you asked me how it was made, the names of who made them and the country they were from, then i would have no answer for you. i knew that our clothes were made from people in different countries, but i am embarrassed to say that i never thought about what that truly meant and in what conditions they were making them in. fortunately, i feel so happy to have found out about this company called tonlé. their ‘why we do it‘ page is so informative. i am not their spokesperson or paid or anything. i am just a believer in their cause.

So what can you do, just one person in 7 billion, about such a massive problem? Think before you buy. Educate yourself about the issues surrounding the fashion industry. Support brands that care about the environment and the people behind your clothes as much as you do. Even large retailers have to listen to customer preferences, and each dollar spent is a vote cast. – tonlé’s website

alternative methods of being clothing eco-friendly:
-shop at second-hand stores, thrift shops or online from previous owners
-have a clothing-swap with friends or relatives
-build a capsule wardrobe
-“shop” your closet or the closets of your parents (i found some great quality pieces of my mom’s)
-hand make your own clothes


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