“you are loved”

Know this, wherever you are and whatever you’re doing know that you are loved. That you are loved, good enough, strong enough and smart enough to get anything you want from this life. Don’t live in fear as I’ve done so often, fear is a lie. Don’t waste time fearing what hasn’t happened, trust me.  It’s not worth it. – benajmin prewitt, painter & poet

there were a few things i used to focus on that made me feel comfortable and protected with the image the world had of me. i think a lot of people do, maybe everyone. online on this blog for example: capitalize the words. pick the best looking photo. cute. professional. short & sweet posts. even in real life, i think these are examples of how i keep myself from being too vulnerable, too transparent and to not use my voice or this platform because i didn’t want it to look weak or unprofessional. but what’s the point? if it’s all a game, or a facade or a painting hiding the canvas beneath? don’t we deserve to be the selves we are as opposed to how we think we need to be seen or presented? there are enough marketing and ads in the world to deceive us or take our attention way from meaning and what’s real. it’s not easy, but i try to work on it more and more nowadays. peeling the layers and layers of what’s on the inside. maybe for some it’s easy, but definitely not all. baring one’s own truth begins with knowing what those truths are, how to find them and dare to be exposed. to give it a chance. i want to grow in an honest way and to keep learning.

you & i & the rest of the universe are enough just the way we are. let’s celebrate that!


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