tgif | gratitude

hi everyone, it’s friday! it’s hard for me to have a bad mood on these days. not sure how much i can post this weekend (…hoping to work on a fun personal film editing project. when it’s ready, i’ll post it here for you to see), so i figured i wanted to share this list today. what are you happy about? i want to know :)

  1. i love the fact that it doesn’t take a lot to make someone smile
  2. receiving a comment from blogger Lu that i inspired her in making rice pudding! i’m glad those photos aren’t just for me to look at :)
  3. the film photographs i recently developed turned out wayyy more complex than i had thought. although i lost a lot of photographs in the process, i gained new artsy ones i could never edit on a computer
  4. revisiting my appreciation for tea and drinking more of it this week, especially ones with lemon or ginger
  5. making plans with family for the next celebratory meal/event. love it when we all can be together and bond
  6. learning to give myself the energy i give out to others
  7. receiving advice and wisdom from others who care
  8. with #7, knowing that i am always learning as well as always teaching

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