the window | gratitude


the window was boarded up in the winter months to keep the cold out from coming in. the coverage lasted so long that it didn’t even seem like a window anymore. the utility of this space was non-existent. until this morning. this morning i needed it open and see what was there. sunshine came in and it was summer; as it has been for many months. the warmth came in so naturally and reminded me of clothes hung out on a clothesline as my mother used to do every sunny day. i’d grab one of the towels and breath in the aroma of the warmth and the sunshine; made me feel connected, loved and safe. i sat in front of this window for many moments today. eyes closed. i felt relief. as natural as it is for a bunny to hop or for tides to come in and out, the world just is. and so am i. i am human with limitations. hopes and dreams for myself as i do for others. i’ll never give up on the people i love and i won’t give up on myself. i am so grateful for all the people who ever believed in me and for me to find belief in them.


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