green tip #1 | sustainability | getting take-out

i’ve been watching this new series called Years of Living Dangerously and it’s been really eye-opening with some of the facts they present in terms of climate change and how it is beyond necessary for all of us to really focus our attention to it. since season two hasn’t begun, i’ve been binge-watching season one. it got me thinking. there are so many things we can do to keep our mother earth from depleting. the series website lists various solutions, so if you feel inspired, feel free to check that out. i’ve always had this idea to post some ideas i had in terms of how to be more green. as a beginner & continuous learner on the subject of sustainability, i figure we can learn together. i’m hoping to post more tips along the way, as i continue to learn.

how to lessen packaging in terms of getting take-out or eating at a restaurant

if you plan on getting take-out, don’t. (or at least try not to and instead opt to go to the restaurant directly). i recently noticed how much our favorite Thai place packages our food when we grab take-out: there is packaging with the entree, the appetizer(s), the individual sauces, the sauce packets & mustard packets (and let’s be honest, we don’t eat them all the time or at least i don’t.), utensils and the bag it all came in. how long does the food stay in there? maybe 20 minutes, maybe overnight if you have leftovers. is it worth it when we’re done using it, it goes straight to the trash? i haven’t done this at all, but i figured, the next time i eat at a restaurant and i need to bring home leftovers, i want to bring my  reusable containers (lunch boxes or etc) because it’ll have lessen the use of packaging.  maybe it’ll help me to also be more selective and choose dishes that cater to me in terms of portions.


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