eternal love

i had bought their vinyl on a whim, never having heard any one of their songs. i liked the poster that was included with it and taped it up on my door. one day, while blow-drying my hair, i read the lyrics below. it moved me. isn’t this what we all feel at some point in our lives? the time comes whether you’ve just been born or have been on this earth for half a century, you will or have lost someone you love. it reminds me of the raw reality in which cancer exists, deaths occur and goodbyes last forever. i think, “every person in this world matters.” the people you share the road with on the highway, the cashier at the grocery store, the neighbor you never had a conversation with but exchange smiles and waves of hello. and then it’s the people we hold so close to our hearts we never want to let go. even if it wasn’t said every day, even if their physical presence is no longer here, the love stays. the love stays in me, in you and in them. in the memories and in our thoughts and in all the actions they ever did for us. the energy is eternal. it still doesn’t make any of this any easier though.

i found a live performance that the Local Natives did of this song (click on the link here).
the lyrics go:

“the day after I had counted down
all of your breaths
down until there were none
a hummingbird crashed right
in front of me and I understood
all you did for us
you gave, and gave…
every night I ask myself
am I giving enough?
If you never knew how much,
if you never felt all my love
I pray now you do
every night I ask myself
am I loving enough?” – Local Natives

photograph taken of a poster of the lyrics to the song Colombia from the band Local Natives

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