paper-related items

hey everyone, i recently made my own paper! nothing too grand or pretty for that matter. i didn’t use a blender so the paper looked all kinds of weird & the texture was bumpy. i’m hoping that the next paper experiment i do, it’ll come out a lot better. if you ever feel inspired to, it feels nice knowing that none of the paper is going to a landfill and rather being reused immediately. i’ve seen some videos and photographs of some really beautiful and unique looking handmade paper. one blog i really like following is Brittany Spencer’s blog. she’s an amazing papermaking artist and she also shows art from her students who are extremely talented!

another paper-related item is that i made my 2017 planner. it’s a lot toned down from last year. really basic and simple. it was also a quick project. only took me about a couple of hours to finish everything. i hand wrote everything and didn’t use a ruler and the binding is made with floss i found in a junk drawer. yep, pretty rebellious. here are some photographs:

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the 2017 planner was made from: cardboard included with my bedding sheets package, white floss i found in a junk drawer–i didn’t feel comfortable using for hygienic purposes, paper too wrinkly to print on, photographs i’ve taken, scrap paper from flyers, magazine cutouts, envelope scraps, yarn i got at a thrift store, paper found in picture frames, washi tape, tape, black pen & markers

some 2016 planner photographs:

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