peace piece

felt inspired by Beth’s post on 9/11. i’m putting my focus on peace. to build it, to create it, to love it, to be inspired by it, to be it (or at least try). below are a list of songs, images, stories, word to live by that give me peace (just a few of the many things).

Little darling, the smiles returning to the faces, Little darling, it seems like years since it’s been here, Here comes the sun, here comes the sun, And I say it’s all right – The Beatles (I like the Nina Simone cover of it)



Peace begins with a smile – Mother Teresa


from dawn to dusk
we move in continuous motion
barefooted like children
walking slowly toward one
place, sight and sound,
tiny footprints on the sand.
marking the moments
beyond the ripples of the water.
breathing in fresh air
cools and cleans the lungs
of dust and dirt like an old attic.
we hold hands as the sun is setting
we are the world.
we are the world

we are the world, july 1, 2016


And I’m right beside you, more than just a partner or a lover, I’m your friend – Jason Mraz, Love Someone

rose watercolorscan0006

morning sun shines
above us in the clear skies
and the light seeps in
through our curtains.
sweet, like your smile,
you radiate love from within.
no shade can cover,
you are forever,
you are the sun.

sweet, april 30, 2016


often, when i’m given the opportunity to be near the water (especially at a new place i’m visiting), i like to take a moment to see it and to sit by it. to admire its beauty and to reflect on all the things that come to my mind. i like having positive thoughts and energy during this time because it’s too beautiful not to. i’m grateful for it. i’m lucky to see this view and to be here, right now. one time, i reached the very top of this mountain in lake george ny (photo above) and we were met with a few others before us sitting on the side. we all sat together in silence just admiring this beauty. the air was clear, the feeling was relaxing. time was still and there was nothing to worry about.


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