9/17 | gratitude

to be completely honest, i’m not feeling the warmest and happiest today, but figured whenever i feel this way, i want to look at what i’m grateful for and remember what truly matters. here are some things:

  1. having someone care for me, especially when I get injured (really minor, don’t worry) and tries to make me feel better
  2. the sweet quietness and calmness of the morning before “life” happens
  3. connecting and feeling inspired by some of the most creative, smart and meaningful people all over the world through this blog & internet in general
  4. the feeling i get when i set a goal and meet it/exceed it
  5. remembering the days when i would frequently sit by the beach hearing the waves swish in and out
  6. being in love with someone
  7. going to new places and discovering something i’ve never seen or eating new food not common where i live or just experiencing a new environment & learning from it

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