what do you stand for?

my father took this photograph

i stand alone
in the middle of the ocean
the water rocks back and forth.
the days change my perspective,
weather challenges my strength.
on hard rainy days,
through burning summer ones,
i resist the urge to fall.

we stand together
in the middle of this universe
as the world rocks back and forth.
climate & chemicals change our landscapes,
pollution & greed destructs our foundation.
through conflicts and conversations,
we resist the urge to fall.

i’m sitting here,
writing to you,
to remind you,
time is what we all have,
until there isn’t any more.
where do you want to stand?
what do you want to stand for?

i guess i wrote the above piece to sort of think about the bigger picture. to be kind. to stop hurting one another. to love our loved ones. to think about how our actions affect our world and how our inactions can, too. figure out who are you, figure out what you believe in and practice it as much as you can.i want to live in a more sustainable life, my friend supports the arts & creativity, my cousin believes in technology and education, an old work friend fights for human rights. children believe in dreams and imagination. we all have the ability and power to change the world.

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