in being creative

feeling a lot of this lately. when new & interesting things happen in my life, i feel like i’m getting a recharge of energy i haven’t felt before. much like traveling, it gives me a whole new perspective on how i used to see things. it challenges me to really push myself out of my comfort zone and show myself what i really have inside me: fear? bravery? will? strength? weakness? resiliency? let’s get creative! below is a repost of a poem i wrote. thank you to all the people who are inspiring me in life and in wordpress and thank you to the new readers. i welcome your inspiration, too :)


something inside me persists
in making something i never had before.
it urges me to seek out the colors and the lines
of the boundaries of what it is that exists
in my mind and in my memories.
making, doing, researching
fulfills a need, a craving and an idea.
sometimes time is lost
sometimes gold is found
seeking some kind of enlightenment
in being creative

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