green tip #2 | sustainability | cutting hair

i noticed i haven’t written a lot about sustainability recently, however, i do always have the topic in my mind (not to mention years of living dangerously is coming back, so it’ll keep the momentum going). some days i get more creative than others. this post idea is one i had for a while though and was thinking what i’d say. also, my computer’s been giving me problems and it has been lagging a lot. this doesn’t create a lot of good vibes in terms of being creative and posting when i feel the urge to. fortunately today, i’m getting some luck from the computer goddesses and they’re letting me post this tip.

how does cutting hair mean being eco-friendly?

for one, if you ever figure out how to cut your own hair, this will not only save money for you in the long run, but two, you can also use the cut hair pile for your compost in your garden! (please note, i think if you have dyed or other chemically treated hair, i probably wouldn’t compost it) since i don’t have a garden (yet) this doesn’t really apply to me (yet). i also can’t cut my own hair as i learned i’m just not graceful enough to (maybe one day). thirdly, shorter hair may minimize the amount of water you use when you shower. although i tend to like my hair medium-longish, i do like it when i cut it/trim it because it’s lighter feeling and definitely easier during washing.

check out green tip #1 | sustainability | getting take-out.


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