Documentary review: Before the Flood, directed by Fisher Stevens

Before the Flood features Leonardo DiCaprio and intertwines his own story, environmental activism and more importantly, featuring professionals in the field & their data, this film touches upon the very things we need to take action on right now. I encourage you all to take the time to watch this. It is on YouTube and it’s free. It’s time to start a conversation, to share and to maybe make big, small or any contribution at all to the cause in making this world safer and sustainable.

I think this documentary was very good. They bring up many perspectives on climate change–from the critics to politicians and scientists and centrally, from the eyes of DiCaprio. Through his journey to multiple countries and speaking with multiple people, he tells the story of climate change from when he first learned of it and his understanding of it now. The state of the world changed drastically.

A few facts that shocked me:
-In the last five years, 30 feet of ice melted from the top of Greenland. Thirty feet of ice now becomes water as part of the growing sea level.
-The electricity consumption of one American is equivalent to 2.2 people in Japan, 34 people in India and 61 people in Nigeria.
-1/2 lb burger = 24 hours of air conditioner use or 42 miles of driving a Prius. 47% of American land is used for food production and 70% of that land is used to raise cattle. Cows also release methane in the atmosphere. Cutting down our beef consumption can create a huge difference in how our resources are used.

Overall, I think this was an educational overview of climate change and I especially respect that they present point of views of many individuals from various locations around the world. We see countries making great strides in making solutions, but we also see the devastation many face right now. The film is well-edited  and captivating with an urgent message. Although we see glimpses of DiCaprio’s life as an actor, the film portrays the message that there needs to be changes in how we do things (politically, globally, individually and through media and education) and there is hope & there is responsibility. The future is on all of us.


2 thoughts on “Documentary review: Before the Flood, directed by Fisher Stevens

  1. really well-written, connie! thanks for sharing. as i read this, i couldn’t help but think of the current state of politics (LOL) and how they….deny…climate change?! it’d be helpful if, lol, they took out the time to watch documentaries like this.

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