green tip #3 | sustainability | organizing your space

i recently cleaned up my space here in the little old apartment because it was just time to. i don’t always feel motivated to, but when i am done with everything, i do always appreciate the space more than before. i also recently gathered some stuff from my parent’s house that saved me some time/money/supplies. to celebrate november 3, i decided to post tip #3.

how does organizing my space make me more eco-friendly?

as i was putting my art supplies away, doing my dishes and organizing the ever so daunting drawer of stuff, i came upon things i already had but was planning on buying. with organizing, you’ll see what you have. you’ll also see any duplicates of things you already own. as i said earlier, i recently went back to my old room and found unused notebooks, clothes/shoes i could wear even now and items i could donate. reason number 2 is just that. with organizing, you can see what you also don’t need. things you could possibly give to others to use, to sell, to donate or to upcycle. another thing about organization is that it saves you time and energy. you don’t have to waste energy on getting frustrated with a mess or feeling you like you can’t find anything. if you plan on organizing your pantry or fridge, this will give you a chance to really look at food items and see when they expire. this will eventually make your money worth it in terms of saving a food product from being thrown out or getting take-out/eating out.

2 thoughts on “green tip #3 | sustainability | organizing your space

  1. love cleaning & decluttering!

    you’re pretty savvy when it comes to cleaning/donating/decluttering. reminds me a bit of the book by marie kondo, it’s called “the life changing magic of tidying up” (haha). small book, super helpful, helps you organize your space AND be more eco-friendly! yahooooo

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