behind the words

You ever wonder why the same song plays in your head? Somehow the lyrics get caught in the wind tunnel of your ears and swirls over and over like leaves on the ground lifted from the ever force of wind that comes out of thin air. And I sit here writing wondering why it ever stops me at all. Why I have to think about it and look up the song to hear it again as I sing it within me. Maybe it’s the feeling of intensity, passion and melody that I am truly drawn to. It’s the feeling behind the words; it’s the voice that is translating what’s inside to be heard on the outside. Somehow it makes me feel like things are possible, even if it’s a really sad song and there’s heartache. I think deep down I know that things are going to change, no matter what. Someone’s going to hear that song and they’re going to know that their lives aren’t the same anymore. The feelings you felt that night or what you saw or how you reacted comes back to you and it’s like a dream that happened. Somehow the voice tells you that you’re not alone, wherever you are. Because no matter how brief the moment, or how far away they are, they were feeling what you feeling and they sang it to you like you to the universe. Somebody heard the feeling behind the words. That somebody was me.


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