i still believe

waking up in a panic
in the middle of the night
with a nightmarish vision
to only wake up seeing
that it is in fact a reality,
breaks me. wrecks me.
confused, what is normal?
scared for the future,
emotions fill me up.

like left on the side of the road,
abandoned, shocked and distrusting,
unsure of how i got here.
why i’m here and where i’m to go.
feeling saddened and frustrated.
looking for answers no one has
searching for guidance to follow.
mourning for what could have been;
mourning for what may be.

but hope enters my mind,
through my veins,
like in an emergency;
drips of life, drips of energy.
fear may bring me down,
but love will lift me up.
i do not stand alone here
on this side of the road.
i am not without guidance;
these are my values, my beliefs,
my friends, my idols, my family.

i still believe in goodness.
i still believe in teamwork.
i still believe in the world.


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