Letter to my American friends

a letter to Americans from an international friend, Estelea. if you feel alone, you are not alone. spreading some more love and positivity into our news feeds <3

Estelea's Blog

I am writing this post today because I feel your pain so much .

For some reasons the results of your elections drove me back to the Paris terrorist attacks. The shock was so brutal, so totally unexpected. I was so devastated and spent endless hours crying, asking myself the unanswerable question “why?!” “why would people do that?!”, “what are those damned people made of?“.  I was in denial, scared to hell, as if everything I always has taken for granted – my Humanist values, my home as I love it had been destroyed forever.

In retrospect, all I know is that we don’t heal at the same pace. We have different needs. There is a time when we need to find someone to hate, a culprit, the responsible of it all. But in our case and in yours, there is not a single person to blame for it all. It would have been too…

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