some ways to be informed, aware and active

The morning after Election Day 2016, we realized we were more divided as a nation than we ever thought or believed. We need to make some changes. I believe we can unite and make our country and world a safer, equal and happy place for all of us. Our world needs us to do our part. We can always do something; little or big acts of kindness, compassion and humanitarianism. To protect our rights, to protect our families, our homes and most importantly, each other. Below are some resources/links I gathered through research of various ways we can be informed, be aware and be active.

(more may be added as I learn more)


Sign this petition for those who feel Hillary Clinton should have been President-elect

Sign this petition for those who feel another Republican should be President-elect

Start a petition if you feel there is an issue you want decision makers to be aware of (


Lessen holiday waste this season and consider adopting eco-conscious practices (Stanford University Buildings and Grounds Maintenance)

State Plastic and Paper Bag Legislation (NCSL)

The Solutions Project

The Hidden Water We Use (National Geographic)

Sustainable America

Database of recycling centers for various items like computers, batteries, light bulbs, and more (Earth911)

>>>Children & Youth Education:

Tip on speaking with youth/children after a traumatic/disaster event (SAMHSA)

Post-Election Help for LGBTQ Youth (Human Rights Campaign)

>>>Animal Protection:

Report cruelty and strays or if you want to adopt (ASPCA)

Species Directory (World Wild Life) Learn about the species that are in danger of being extinct and ways to help protect them


Planned Parenthood advocates, educates and provides health information, care and guidance

>>>Financial Protection:

Protect yourself from unjust or abusive practices from companies that are breaking the law (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau)


Helpful database of opportunities from location, interest and skill (VolunteerMatch)


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