transforming these spots into sunshine


I went to a museum a couple of days ago and it felt like something I really needed to do. It felt like a good way to refresh my mind and renew my energy. Here are a couple of moments from this trip that stood out for me.

Some painters transform the sun into a yellow spot, others transform a yellow spot into the sun.

– Pablo Picasso

We saw a young girl with a cute pink knit hat and pajama pants sit by this interactive big world globe exhibit. The globe had moving visuals explaining how climate change affected various places around earth. As the deep-voiced narrator continued on, the mother was urging the child to move from her seat to go to the next exhibit. I couldn’t hear what the girl had said, but she stayed. Didn’t budge. At the end of the segment, the mother persisted, “Well, that was the last one. We have to save the earth.” The mother signaled to go having walked a few steps toward the exit. The girl, sat still, moved her pointer finger up and pressed on another button. Her mother walked back and stood behind her. They were going to sit through another segment; one they had already heard. For many, these science facts and visuals are boring, but for her, this didn’t seem the case. I thought, “I hope she becomes a scientist someday.


We were hungry. Exiting the building, I saw this beautiful tree with colorful, autumn leaves. I asked him if we could take a photograph by it. He agreed and asked, “The orange one?” I said yes, but I saw that a family had already took a place underneath it. I didn’t want to interrupt. There was a father, mother, baby in the carriage and a son who was probably just 2 or 3 years old. The little boy ran right into pile of leaves and started playing in it; throwing it in the air as the father threw some as well. He told his son to look and it seemed the father was the gleeful energetic child trying to impress him with his skills. A moment without any worry, any argument or crying—just living in the moment with family & nature.

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