good news | environment | 11/21/2016

An old coworker of mine said something along the words of accepting the bad as well as the good and with his wisdom, I am here to say, learn from the bad and progress towards the good. I came across some positive environmental news as of late and I wanted to share those links with you friends in case you are interested. I am so proud and happy to hear that there is real progress towards real change. Change that will affect all of us and hopefully provide a cleaner, healthier world.

Nation’s first statewide plastic-bag ban now in effect across California

Source: The San Diego Union-Tribune

I know that critics may say that they use these plastic bags for other things like picking up pet waste and use as trash at home. Maybe in the future there could be ways in which we learn how to compost better. Pet waste could be used as fertilizer for a vegetable garden, for example.

Nearly 50 countries vow to use 100% renewable energy by 2050

Source: Independent

I hope more, including our own country, gets on that list.

Federal Judge Greenlights Landmark Climate Change Lawsuit

Source: Sierra Club

The youth is our future and the youth is their own future and they know.

“Every person is a powerful person if you choose to exercise your power. That power exists 365 days a year, not just on election day” – Bernie Sanders

Las Vegas’ New ‘Kinetic Tiles’ Power Streetlights With Foot Power

Source: Popular Mechanics

I like that this technology will collect energy through actions/situations we already do, like walking in the city. Hopefully this can be translated in other ways like on the highway or exercise facilities.

Obama Takes Historic Action, Protects Arctic Ocean From Offshore Oil Drilling

Source: EcoWatch

It’s important for us to realize what it means when we disturb the ecosystem and how that greatly affects the living things that rely on it (which is essentially everything, including us). We are all connected. I’m learning that now more than ever.


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