Nov. 15, 2016 #noDAPL! rally, San Diego, CA

I wanted to share this post I came upon from Katelon. Thank you, Katelon, for your story, information and photographs. Standing with you and the others in spirit and hopefully spread support and awareness. #NoDAPL

Empower and Balance

I normally don’t focus on politics often on this blog, but the #noDAPL! movement and Native Americans are close to my heart.  I lived on the Navajo reservation off and on for 5 years, as a teacher, and saw first hand the extreme poverty, often no running water or electricity, few job prospects except for toxic mining jobs from companies that use their land for profit and leave a trail of toxic waste and ill workers and water in return.  Personally, I feel that how Native Americans have been treated throughout history is absolutely atrocious, as well as how we’ve treated this planet.

I grew up with a Dad and Grandfather who owned a Standard Oil distributing plant (now referred to as Chevron oil).  Next door to the plant was a business that made chemicals to spray on crops.  So between the two toxic businesses, I watched my Grandfather waste…

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