green tip #6 | sustainability | Thanksgiving tips

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, but truly, an every day thought of mine, is that I am so thankful. The WordPress community is filled with so many influential human beings and I feel like I have a space to share my ideas, artwork, reflections and everything else you’ve seen here. Big thank you to the blogging friends who engage with me on my blog and the new ones who recently joined in. I learn so much from all of you and feel inspired all the time!

For this green tip post, I wanted to focus on trying to be sustainable; especially during the holiday seasons! I am linking a few resources I found around the web, but also listing a few things to think about. There is also a link that lists volunteering opportunities all across the United States on Thanksgiving Day for those interested. I hope you have a safe and happy holiday.

Please consider…

  1. ..the amount of food-and-guest ratio and a plan as to how to use leftovers.
  2. ..using reusable plates and utensils.
  3. ..what items can be:
    -composted (ex. food)
    -recycled (ex. soda/beer cans & bottles)
    -reused (ex. decorations).
  4. ..carpooling, biking or other alternative ways in saving gas to get to your destination.
  5. ..DIY decorations
  6. alternative to Black Friday, such as Small Business Saturday (support local businesses)

Volunteer opportunities across the United States on Thanksgiving Day, click here

Other resources:

10 Tips for a Sustainable Thanksgiving  source: The Huffington Post

Tips for a green Thanksgiving source: Harvard University

5 Ways to Have a Sustainable Thanksgiving source: World Resources Institute

8 Ways to Waste Less Food at Thanksgiving source: Sustainable America


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