Living like water

“Live like the water,”
Wise folks tell in their stories.
Every day, the water comes in & out.
Every day, the water flows down & up.
Every day, the water moves through.
I will live like water,
As this is the only way life is lived.


6 thoughts on “Living like water

  1. Where would we all be without water? We need it like we need air to breathe.

    I love that concept of living like water. Fluid, flexible, intentional. I once read a research article about water that discussed the concept that water absorbs energy in ways most of us do not realize. Japanese monks I think played music to water and it impacted the molecule structure. I don’t remember the details, but it was super interesting. At the core, if you think of how different water tastes when one drinks it out of glass or plastic ~ a different experience.


    1. Wow thank you for your lovely and interesting comment. That article sounds really interesting. I am definitely going to research this a bit further. Thank you for the information :)

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