Living a More Sustainable Life; 5 Simple Choices I Make

This blogger makes very good points about the state of the world in terms of sustainability as well as some resources (which I may add to my list as well). She writes, “this is an opportunity for us all to reflect on our lifestyles, and consider the impact of our choices on the rest of the world. And it’s never too late to make changes. Start with small things and work outwards. Brainstorm and discuss ideas with others. Feel connected!”

The Space Between

Climate Change

Modern life right now is centered around consumption. We consume food, clothing, products for entertainment, products for our health and wellbeing, experiences, etc. Everything.

It is so easy to buy food rather than make your own. To let yourself go for a cheeky shop at Primark or H&M and buy items that you don’t need but are almost too cheap to pass up. To fill your home with an abundance of things because if they are available for purchase and you don’t have them you want them. To blindly accept chemical products you are putting on your body and around your home without considering the effects on your health or the impact of its production on the world. And to be far too ignorant about where all these products are made and how far they have traveled before arriving at your door.

There are so many people in this world and…

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