fried lasagna squares with meaty tomato sauce


Yes, finally, a post about food (more for me than anyone else really). I have been so uninspired lately in making anything new, so I’ve been waiting for something to spark my interest again. Needless to say, I’m happy to have made this (you can tell with all the stars in the photograph.)

I was scrolling through a blog called Youth Food – Meals Under Pressure Cooker from blogger friend Chris and saw an image of this food item  called “lasagna fritta.” I have never had one nor heard of it before, but I was intrigued. Long story short, my love and I decided it would be the next cooking adventure for us. Since I have never tasted or seen a lasagna fritta in real life, I didn’t feel comfortable calling what we made that name, so hopefully lasagna squares works, too.img_6448

Feel free to check out some snapshots of this adventure. The ones in which I cut the cooked squares in half don’t look so great, but the food was really delicious! The meaty sauce really matched well with the flavorful squares. We made 8, so we had plenty for leftovers.


There was a good amount of croutons we had to use up soon, so we used that as our breadcrumb mixture. For our sauce, we cooked up some frozen turkey meatballs with a can of tomato sauce. To give it some flavor, my love put in a dash of garlic powder, onion powder, oregano, basil and honey (not sure on measurements, we just decided along the way/winged it).

It was a long process, but we think it was worth it. We may pick a less busy day to do it next time though!

Maybe I’m a on a roll, but I’m hoping to use up the ricotta cheese I have left and make a pie next. We shall see, I suppose :)


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