tea time

I’m drinking warm tea now. The heat trapped in between the water molecules quickly faded as I moved the tea bag back and forth in the cup. Lemon-flavored. It’s so cold now. Of course it is. Yet for some reason, I always let time catch me. I’m never ahead of it, although, I’ve tried a million times. Like on days in which I’ll browse a bookstore and let myself dream for a while. Be a new person who likes looking at travel books, skimming the pages of information about countries I never thought of ever visiting. But somehow, I did today. It makes me feel better being caught in between moments. Makes me feel so fortunate to have the ability and time to just do this. Gratitude sneaks up on me and I’m glad it does. It brings me back to reality that we are alive! No matter what, there is that.

A poem I wrote two years ago, “tea” (originally published here on November 2, 2014)

Water rapidly boil,
Kettle yells for its presence.
Cupping my mug
With both hands.
The warm aroma lifts up to the tip of my nose.
Feeling the soothing warmth
On my fingertips
Cinnamon, ginger along my tongue
and down my throat
Feeling the heat
In my heart.


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