how easy it is to be happy,
if we think to. decide to.
john cusack said it right,
“why can’t you be in a good mood?
how hard is it to decide to be in a good mood
and be in a good mood once in a while?”
– Lloyd Dobler (in the film Say Anything)

this simple quote moved me.
i think of it sometimes out of the blue.
when i’m thinking of something else
doing something else and then i see john
talking with his sister and i hear this,
“how hard is it to decide?”


how many beautiful views we have seen?
of how many suns we have felt on our skin?
to touch all the textures of food, fabric, & flowers.
smelling rain, cafes, clean clothes and mom’s home cooking.
singing to feel all our insides because we know the words are true.
and swinging on the swings like the first time as a kid.
to be carefree because it’s okay to stop worrying some time.
smile and smile and smile and smile and smile
laugh so hard tears come out and your heart can’t take it
and you’re out of breathe because it is so funny.
or the feeling of calm in the morning on a weekend
& drink the warm tea & hot chocolate & indulge just because.
to speak with friends and family and know you’re not alone
or to be alone knowing  who you are & where you’ve been.

rejoice, because it’s a good time to do so.
it always is.

Happy Chinese New Year friends!

like vanilla and strawberry ice-cream

like vanilla and strawberry ice-cream

an epiphany appears suddenly,
so naturally it melts itself onto my skin,
inside my veins, pumping through my organs.
naturally, like laughing without thought
or closing my eyes when I am tired.
excitement and happiness swirls together
like vanilla and strawberry ice-cream on a cone.
they coalesce into one delicious treat
as the sun shines on them as if nothing has changed.
but everything has and the world feels more complete.



the edge

the edge


You know when you watch a film with a lot of meaning to it and they capture this shot in which no one is seen, but you can feel a very heavy presence of something.. sentiment or emotion or something left behind? I get this feeling a lot when I see the edges of the sun as it sets. When the colors mesh together so beautifully in the sky and taking a photograph of is so pointless because it can never be captured. Although, I still do try often, it’s a truth I’m learning to accept. I have given up a few times now more recently and just enjoyed the view for what is without the camera lens.

There are some memories you don’t need to have physical proof of. I know my parents used to take photographs at only very important events and nowadays, it’s such a common thing to do. The food we eat, the people we see every day and the place we live are captured in a million photographs. I often find myself looking at photographs I’ve taken in the past year, at trips I went on and feel grateful to have documented as I have. But it’s the stories attached to those things that stick out, right? The stories of the moments you want to treasure and know it cannot be replicated.

I know it sounds super random, but I love seeing the day to day of how things were when the photograph was taken. Like with my parent’s photographs, they have taken shots of their old apartment and the old car they used to have or the garden they grew or even the logo of a soda bottle in that time… it’s fascinating to me.

The idea I would like to be is to capture the moments in between; right before the edge is gone but enough to enjoy it, too.

some home cookin’ VI

some home cookin’ VI

Been cooking a lot more lately. Can you tell this is because of the colder season? (use your mouse to hover over the image to see the name of the food dish) I usually cook udon noodles in a soup, but it’s really good in a stir-fry, too. Also, I was afraid of cooking eggplant.. there’s something about it. The eggplant parm came out good though. Maybe I’ll try some other eggplant dish someday.

black bean, corn, tri-color penne pasta with turkey meatballs, shredded cheese and tomato sauce
stir-fried udon noodles with broccoli, fish balls, bok choy, fried tofu pieces, in a sauce with hoisin sauce, soy sauce, sriracha, vegetarian mushroom oyster sauce, sesame oil
Spicy tri-color penne pasta with marinated sauteed shrimp with green onions and parmesan cheese (looks rather plain but it was super delicious)
eggplant parm, my first time cooking this dish. it’s tasty! There were more eggplant hiding under the sauce.
i am nice

i am nice

inspired by Crumpled Paper Cranes’ Five Hundred Cats project
*this sweet cat got adopted, so it was bittersweet, I’m sure s/he’s loved wherever s/he is.

a friend & protector,
her/his motto:
do not trespass without ask.
cute also comes with claws.
my favorite of all the others.
their sweetness filled the room,
quickly, s/he found a new home.

When I move,
You see my true self.
I follow you with love,
Love to chase mice for you.
My friends say I am nice.

New friends, I’m happy to meet.
Smells of enticing food, I must eat.
I will rub them to show they are mine.
Hey, what’s that over by the window?

Other cats, they pay no mind.
Boring they are. Sleep through time.
Adventures, here I come!

very cool

very cool

A few days ago, I received a wonderful comment. I was nominated for the Blogger Recognition Award from Dwight L. Roth of Roth Poetry. I am so honored and delighted. Thank you for thinking of me, Dwight. Dwight’s a great poet. I especially like the every day life stories he tells. Check out his blog here:


I began blogging so long ago. I’m not sure how, exactly, or why I decided to even have a blog to begin with. Then, I was introduced to WordPress from my boss & friend at the time and thinking, “What would I write about?” I was planning on studying abroad and hoped it could be a travel log of my adventures. It worked for a day or two (or maybe a week), but then I ended up going on adventures without recording them. Through the years, this blog has transformed and each time, it gave me things I needed: a space to share my thoughts, to connect with really passionate people, to practice my writing and to simply feel inspired.

I learned that sometimes you can’t define things as neatly as you like. And that’s okay. I feel really comfortable with this blog as it is now. However, it wasn’t always like that. I thought I needed more direction or a set of goals or to reach a specific standard. For any (new) bloggers, I would say, just do how you feel & don’t worry about making mistakes. There are no correct or incorrect ways in how you blog. It’s yours. If you feel like only writing book reviews, then so be it. If you feel like changing the layout or the content, why not? If you want to be funny or serious or thoughtful, that’s all up to you.

I am excited to nominate 15 other bloggers for this award, as well. Since it is a new year, I wanted to celebrate by listing bloggers I recently followed within these last couple of years. My post 2016 mentions my wanting a more sustainable lifestyle, cooking and creating more. You may see this sentiment reflected from the bloggers you’ll see below. They will make you learn new things, think more deeply, feel inspired, appreciate life, smile amusingly and crave food you didn’t know you wanted (so maybe eat before you check out those food blogs). In no special order:


For those of you who accept this nomination…


1.  Create a blog thanking the blogger who nominated you and listing their site.

2. Nominate 15 bloggers you follow and notify them.

3   Share an experience that got you started blogging.

4. Share a word of advice for fellow bloggers.

take a walk with me

take a walk with me

The following photographs were taken at my local pond/hiking area last summer. I took more focus on how exceptionally beautiful it was that day and decided to document a few things about it and post some reflections. I also took some video footage of the peaceful waves and ducks taking their time in the water as they swam by (maybe I will make a video of it some time this year). I hope 2017 is starting off well for all of you.


There are colors that deserve some love. I know I take green for granted because I see it more often than others, but they deserve a shout out too. Nature is so beautiful in how … natural it is!


This little (big) friend just wanted some time in the sun. This image reminds me of strength. Climbing and swimming to get to the light he yearns for and ultimately succeeds. EXTRA credit, did you see the two OTHER turtles or maybe there’s even three? When I took this photograph, I actually intended to feature the bigger one. My love saw it later and said that I also caught a glimpse of some little turtles, too. It was a nice surprise.


You see those green patches of grass in the back there? That used to be all water, too. After watching some climate change documentaries, I have a sinking feeling it’s because of that. I did some research and the EPA website states that “Lakes get smaller through a combination of increased evaporation caused by warmer temperatures, permafrost thaw which allows lakes to drain more readily, and greater accumulation of decomposing plant material on lake bottoms caused by greater plant growth.” source: Climate Impacts in Alaska, EPA


I absolute love this view. The wind was light and it was just a nice place to take a moment and breathe in.


Decided to take a look up at the drooping leaves.


Poor tree! We were hiking and saw this guy on the way through.


Some friends hanging out.


When I saw this, I thought about all the different stages of life this rock must of went through. The imprints of history, time and weather effects it experienced seen by its exterior. How strong it is.