take a walk with me

The following photographs were taken at my local pond/hiking area last summer. I took more focus on how exceptionally beautiful it was that day and decided to document a few things about it and post some reflections. I also took some video footage of the peaceful waves and ducks taking their time in the water as they swam by (maybe I will make a video of it some time this year). I hope 2017 is starting off well for all of you.


There are colors that deserve some love. I know I take green for granted because I see it more often than others, but they deserve a shout out too. Nature is so beautiful in how … natural it is!


This little (big) friend just wanted some time in the sun. This image reminds me of strength. Climbing and swimming to get to the light he yearns for and ultimately succeeds. EXTRA credit, did you see the two OTHER turtles or maybe there’s even three? When I took this photograph, I actually intended to feature the bigger one. My love saw it later and said that I also caught a glimpse of some little turtles, too. It was a nice surprise.


You see those green patches of grass in the back there? That used to be all water, too. After watching some climate change documentaries, I have a sinking feeling it’s because of that. I did some research and the EPA website states that “Lakes get smaller through a combination of increased evaporation caused by warmer temperatures, permafrost thaw which allows lakes to drain more readily, and greater accumulation of decomposing plant material on lake bottoms caused by greater plant growth.” source: Climate Impacts in Alaska, EPA


I absolute love this view. The wind was light and it was just a nice place to take a moment and breathe in.


Decided to take a look up at the drooping leaves.


Poor tree! We were hiking and saw this guy on the way through.


Some friends hanging out.


When I saw this, I thought about all the different stages of life this rock must of went through. The imprints of history, time and weather effects it experienced seen by its exterior. How strong it is.


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