because we can


in the end,
we don’t know
how we began.

i guess,
we sort of do.
in however
you decide.

but despite this,
we move forward.
without knowing.



we take steps
to not stagnant.

we drink water
to stay alive.

we dream
to be happy.

in the end,
we don’t know
how we began.

but we live,
because we can.


11 thoughts on “because we can

      1. Thank you for asking and caring. I was inspired to write this because everyone has their own interpretation of how the world came about, how we as humans started. And from there I thought, we always keep moving forward and we all survive and live. Despite our differences, despite our opinions, we all move forward. We all need to drink water to survive. We all dream. I feel like for me it was more of a hopeful message and that among our differences, we are similar, too. It was so interesting to see your comment. I re-read my poem and could see how you got your interpretation, too. That’s the beauty of words and poetry. There isn’t one message, even though the writer thinks it’s one way, it could mean something else entirely to someone else (like you). :)

      2. how even particulars have certain universals despite appearances. I think Aristotle would like that. Although he believed that people had different desires, goals and drives he believed they creates a certain universal harmony which make the entire system work, or at least that is what he wanted. Although our acts may seem so different they nonetheless come to certain similar truths about ourselves

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