farewell feb

farewell feb

another 28 days go by
so quickly time flies.
a strike to 12:00am
means a whole new day
one in which we launch forward
leaving behind all the others behind.
farewell february where were you hiding?
you’re such a tease, come and go as you please.
and once i get used to seeing you, you disappear.
so march onward i go, to another four weeks.
what will appear and what will i see?
i guess it will be answered
when we start month three.

diversity is beautiful

diversity is beautiful

the words you speak become the house you live in” – Estelea (blogger friend)

I have these words posted on my wall and I read them this morning. It makes sense. What it means and the importance of how we talk and what we talk about eventually become a part of us. On the way back home today, the sky showed its most beautiful colors. Pink skies are the prettiest, I think, with it swirling among the blue sky and orange sunset. With every turn the car made, I could see colors just peeking through the spaces of the tree branches and above backyards of houses being lived in. Beyond the highway, I could see it clearer and it made me really feel grateful for all there is. Simple as that. Something we all see without anything other than with our eyes. To feel with our insides without needing to speak to connect with.

ebru art piece – to make your own, read this

Colors are beautiful. Without all the diversity, there wouldn’t be any emotion, character, and harmony. There would be nothing. One color stands with another and mixes and blends together as naturally and easily as any other. And this reminds me of an observation I made on the train the other day.

We all try to make it. Foreigners and natives alike, we try. Try so hard to wake up in the morning to reach the too early designated time someone had the brilliant idea of. To not cross it. To start our day by it. To earn a living and reach closer to what we want our lives to be. I’m on the train and I see a man with well-made shoes, but not well-polished. He takes out an English textbook. English is not his native language, I assume, because he looks like my dad. But it’s only an assumption. Our world is so big and there are so many possibilities of everything that we can only assume. And he reads. Learning more, taking on more because he wants to. Because he can. Life is less scary when you know what you’re in for. Or not. Maybe it’s scarier to face the truths. To face reality. Maybe he’s braver to want more. To seek all and not just get by. I wonder how many times he’s thought of where he’s been and where he wants to go.

Diversity is beautiful. These are my words. I want to live in a house full of diverse ideas, to share a love for life and explore it all. I want to live in a house of which was built on the foundation of kindness, happiness and peace. To live among individuals who want to work together and make a stronger, healthy world. A house that is protected and appreciated for its shelter, comfort and relief. Because then, what is a house otherwise? Where American Dreams don’t come true and words like us and them meant we were against each other?

ebru art piece from above shown under blacklight

We can all illuminate our colors and still be in harmony. There is enough space & resources for all of us, if we let it.

money & ego

money & ego

There is this strong odor we carry.
We reek of this chemical reaction
Of human competition & validation.
Seeking alternatives to internal
Self-sustaining authentication;
We wear protective armor instead.
Built to survive and withstand
Human qualities like love, ethics & kindness,
Money & Ego tangles us into
Threads and threads of armpits.
Smells we can’t rid ourselves of
Because sweat from hard work & sacrifice
For a thinly surface veil only covers so little.
Because money & ego can only go so far
If we let it be the only things we go for.

those i admire

those i admire

I just ate a delicious lunch of crunchy peanut butter on toast and a bowl of strawberries. Strawberries I unfortunately left abandoned in the fridge since I got them because I was so caught up in time with commuting and working. As I ate each one, I thought of how tasty they were, even if they weren’t all sweet. I thought about how quickly they go from beautiful red to dehydrating shadows of what it used to be. I’m also listening to a Joan Baez record that my love got me yesterday. I saw it at a thrift store and didn’t purchase it that day. Now I am feeling the dreamy, honest, sweet voice this woman has. The stories she tells in melodies and metaphors. How a simple, “You strayed into my arms
And there you stayed, Temporarily lost at sea” can mean so much. And as I take time to sit and reflect; and not letting my mind run into several directions, I think about those I admire.

I am so drawn to people who can speak from their heart. Their eyes truly sparkle, their smiles are so wide and they release this energy that is so infectious and attracting. Many may call them naive, innocent or unknowing. But I look at them, I think they are the wisest and smartest people. We are on this earth so very few years that to be cruel seems like such a waste of time. I admire those who keep going. The ones who are so passionate in making this world beautiful, fair, and peaceful. The ones who are not afraid. The ones who live for more than themselves. Whenever I hear stories of heroes who saves someone else’s life, I cry because it meant that there is something more than this. We are more than who we are. We are more than what money can buy us, we are more than what awards we win and the labels that define us. Just like the strawberries, if we abandon ourselves, abandon each other and our world, abandon the opportunities, we will soon be shadows of who we used to be. We will be shadows of who we could’ve become.

blurriness of youth

blurriness of youth

The blurriness in the vision,
Comes with young age.
Unclear curved lines &
Colors unfilled,
The image is incomplete.

Until darker lines of tread create
Lines formed on our faces,
Does the image presents to us.

But what is lost is the blank canvas,
The uniqueness and beauty of being new.
But what is lost, is another gained treasure.

A painting you created all by yourself.
A lived life of your doing, of your choices.
Of how you are, were, & will be as a person.

grown up and stepped up

grown up and stepped up

spoon feed me nothing no more,
I’m not caught on some net,
unsure of how to de-tangle my feet
from standing upwards and straight.
this isn’t the highway in the middle
of who-knows-where land
or dive bars flooded with strangers
with smiling faces & mysterious intentions.
grown-up and stepped up onto the ladder
that gives me a hand as I climb
over the wall to see the waterfalls.
here I’ll rest and search a bit
for food and shelter and warmth.
as I follow along the road not traveled.
because i can’t eat without my voice.
because i can’t stay without my heart.
because i can trust in what I don’t know.

the things we own & meaning | sustainability

the things we own & meaning | sustainability

It’s now February, beautiful February. It never lasts as long as the other months, but it does hold quite a bit of quality doesn’t? I always think pink. Or red–a nice warm vision (although the weather may show otherwise). With recent events, we can use a lot of warmth nowadays; inside and out. Whenever I see children in the city, young, cute and energetic, I remember that we have to teach them. Teach them to be kind, to share, to respect one another. To love.

And so I wanted to show some love today.

For this, specifically, are things I gathered that were either secondhand from family or friends or from my adventures in thrift shopping. I took a moment to really think about why these items were important to me. I encourage you to look at the things you own/use/have and really think about its meaning to you. Do consider what you buy, why you buy and for how long you will have it. Consider in investing on pieces that matter more and last longer.

I used to really love just browsing a store and if I saw something I really thought I liked, I’d buy it. Nowadays, it’s not the case. I do still like browsing and I sometimes have the urge to buy, but it’s not at all like it used to be. A lot of the things I see in stores don’t have meaning to me anymore. I take an extra moment to think about: 1. Is this something I have already? (Nice jeans, but how many do we need of these?) 2. How long will this feeling of happiness last? (A lot of times, my answer is.. until I have it and then it just becomes a part of my other wardrobe pieces). 3. How important is this to me, really?

Here are some of my dear things:

my first 35mm camera (secondhand):
I had a 35mm camera prior to the one I have now. It was my dad’s and it did take really beautiful photographs. I remember I had to look everywhere for their specific batteries and it was a journey. But it was worth it. Below is a photograph from this camera:


cigar box purse made of embroidery beads (thrifted):
It was so beautiful. It was my first time going to this thrift store and it had so many unique and funky things (a huge telescope, colorful sofas, etc) I saw the purse sitting on a shelf and it was so eye-catching. It’s also very well made. This item reminds me that there are beautiful, practical upcycled items–makes me feel inspired & creative!

t-shirts (secondhand):
I think this is something everyone can relate with. I wear all kinds of t-shirts I’ve gotten over the years from loved ones. I especially like the oldie ones. They hold special meaning to the person I got it from, but also for me. It’s not just a shirt I can get at a mall. There are stories, memories and reasons behind them.

Although I care about these items, I know that they are only a catalyst of what holds the most value: time, ideas, emotions, people & experiences. One day, these items may find themselves in a new home with new owners who can feel the joy and inspiration I’ve had. Or at least I hope so. Even if it just produces practicality and ease in someone’s life will be enough of their existence–but it should be sustainable.