farewell feb

another 28 days go by so quickly time flies. a strike to 12:00am means a whole new day one in which we launch forward leaving behind all the others behind. farewell february where were you hiding? you're such a tease, come and go as you please. and once i get used to seeing you, you [...]


diversity is beautiful

"the words you speak become the house you live in" - Estelea (blogger friend) I have these words posted on my wall and I read them this morning. It makes sense. What it means and the importance of how we talk and what we talk about eventually become a part of us. On the way [...]

money & ego

There is this strong odor we carry. We reek of this chemical reaction Of human competition & validation. Seeking alternatives to internal Self-sustaining authentication; We wear protective armor instead. Built to survive and withstand Human qualities like love, ethics & kindness, Money & Ego tangles us into Threads and threads of armpits. Smells we can't [...]

blurriness of youth

The blurriness in the vision, Comes with young age. Unclear curved lines & Colors unfilled, The image is incomplete. Until darker lines of tread create Lines formed on our faces, Does the image presents to us. But what is lost is the blank canvas, The uniqueness and beauty of being new. But what is lost, [...]

grown up and stepped up

spoon feed me nothing no more, I'm not caught on some net, unsure of how to de-tangle my feet from standing upwards and straight. this isn't the highway in the middle of who-knows-where land or dive bars flooded with strangers with smiling faces & mysterious intentions. grown-up and stepped up onto the ladder that gives [...]

the things we own & meaning | sustainability

It's now February, beautiful February. It never lasts as long as the other months, but it does hold quite a bit of quality doesn't? I always think pink. Or red--a nice warm vision (although the weather may show otherwise). With recent events, we can use a lot of warmth nowadays; inside and out. Whenever I [...]