those i admire

I just ate a delicious lunch of crunchy peanut butter on toast and a bowl of strawberries. Strawberries I unfortunately left abandoned in the fridge since I got them because I was so caught up in time with commuting and working. As I ate each one, I thought of how tasty they were, even if they weren’t all sweet. I thought about how quickly they go from beautiful red to dehydrating shadows of what it used to be. I’m also listening to a Joan Baez record that my love got me yesterday. I saw it at a thrift store and didn’t purchase it that day. Now I am feeling the dreamy, honest, sweet voice this woman has. The stories she tells in melodies and metaphors. How a simple, “You strayed into my arms
And there you stayed, Temporarily lost at sea” can mean so much. And as I take time to sit and reflect; and not letting my mind run into several directions, I think about those I admire.

I am so drawn to people who can speak from their heart. Their eyes truly sparkle, their smiles are so wide and they release this energy that is so infectious and attracting. Many may call them naive, innocent or unknowing. But I look at them, I think they are the wisest and smartest people. We are on this earth so very few years that to be cruel seems like such a waste of time. I admire those who keep going. The ones who are so passionate in making this world beautiful, fair, and peaceful. The ones who are not afraid. The ones who live for more than themselves. Whenever I hear stories of heroes who saves someone else’s life, I cry because it meant that there is something more than this. We are more than who we are. We are more than what money can buy us, we are more than what awards we win and the labels that define us. Just like the strawberries, if we abandon ourselves, abandon each other and our world, abandon the opportunities, we will soon be shadows of who we used to be. We will be shadows of who we could’ve become.


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