a little bit of everything

life trickles down pebbles fallen from the hard places we break ourselves out of. a little bit of everything, scatters the ground, unevenly fitting into place. these pebbles, creating roads to journeys, building homes we live in. pieces of our own identities. these pebbles, i never know what to think, what i'll see or who [...]


i am here

something is wrong, i see your deeply felt eyes and we speak soulfully. you look away and i hear your sadness, tears fall. my heart outlines itself, i can feel it so strongly. the lines tighten up and it breaks for you. how do you console, comfort and relieve, when a life is gone? what [...]

honestly honest

Like a gentle mother, you hold their hands. The baby insecurities you used to store away. Wandering in dark corners of sequestered forests. But honestly, honest, who isn't broken? We were once young, under the sun, Cradled from the innocence of our time. But that is not real, that is not forever. Beauty of humanity [...]

emotional integrity

Photographed in a red sweater, Small and cute, feelings weren't identifiable. Older I got, feelings became inescapable. Teenage angst and hormonal frustrations, Uprooted from innocence into paths of confusion. In the grasps of adulthood, entangled in-between. Hearts no longer seen and tears tucked at the seams. Hidden behind professionalism and personal, Wondering, what does life [...]