emotional integrity

Photographed in a red sweater,
Small and cute, feelings weren’t identifiable.
Older I got, feelings became inescapable.
Teenage angst and hormonal frustrations,
Uprooted from innocence into paths of confusion.
In the grasps of adulthood, entangled in-between.
Hearts no longer seen and tears tucked at the seams.
Hidden behind professionalism and personal,
Wondering, what does life truly mean?
Growing into womanhood and sisterhood,
Being human, being kind, & being alive.
Feeling it all the time and no longer holding it in.
Checking in my emotional integrity
Because it’s the only thing I need in this life.

I came upon the title, “emotional integrity” randomly in my head and I thought about how much of a transition it’s been for me to realize and actualize my feelings and reflections throughout the years as a child to now as an adult. I then searched the term online and it is indeed a term. How fitting the true definition is to what I was trying to convey.


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