a near-perfect hiking day

It was really fulfilling to be out hiking in the sun. The wind was a nice breeze and there were a few surprises we didn’t anticipate for. For one, we saw several turtles just soaking up the warm air. There were also a couple of horses nearby and the tree flowers are blooming a bit. We even encountered a whole new route we didn’t even know existed. The hiking experience will certainly change when more foliage cover up more of the paths, but for now, I am grateful and comfortable. It makes me consider more of myself as a Spring person.

There were a few changes from my take a walk with me post of my visit last year. The water has actually come back and more than I’ve ever seen it! We also saw lots of poor fish floating above water. I researched a bit about it and it seems their deaths are due to the temperature changes from the recent weather patterns. It makes me so sad to have seen this. It also made me really cherish all the little creatures I saw, including a stoic frog, a few quiet ducks, chatty geese, running squirrels and cute tiny birds. The day was certainly energetic and lively. Everyone we passed seemed truly happy to just be in nature.

Here are some photographs from the day:



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