behind your brown eyes

Each night you would cover yourself up,
Under the covers and roll to your side.
The darkness cradled you into your dreams.
Singing you lullabies you subconsciously heard.
You waved goodbye to the teddy bear with one eye
And the stillness of the night that signaled reality.

What grows beneath the rocks and tree roots,
Of the dark brown eyes you hide behind?
I want to know, for once, for always.
To grasp onto something genuine inside you,
Cuts form onto my hands from your jagged soul.

But I know that’s not the only thing there.
I saw your happiness sparkle in you that day.
You held onto it and examined it longer then.
Deciding whether it was reliable, you tested it.
Too far gone you went and it broke you.
Like you always thought it would.

I am sure, though, that you are wrong.
Happiness isn’t static like the rocks you store away,
Filling up the spaces until there isn’t any left.
It transcends everything and moves in and out.
Spreading light for every single one of us,
As we wake from the darkness that deceives us.


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