the price of kindness

I closed the bathroom door and I saw written behind it was graffiti with a being who had a message. They wrote that they wanted us to be kind. To simply be love to those we come across and I saw another message below it. Someone different who wrote that they didn’t want to, unless they were paid to. So often we drift away from the sense of reality that is. We are distracted by worldly desires and hung up on pedestals of our past to be better, be known and to be worthy. But we are human beings. We are worthy, we are living. We are LIVING with minds, consciousness and spirits. Your harsh words hurt others. Don’t let them fool you. Your smile uplifts, too. We are not robots (yet?) Beneath our confidence and the armor we built since birth is a soul and a heart that is breakable. They are constantly changing. I have a different viewpoint on life and you have a different viewpoint on life. That means just that, a different viewpoint on life. Kindness is respect and compassion. I had this sense of connection seeing the words spell out like that. Forming the thoughts I constantly want to remind myself to be. Regardless of whoever you may be, of what you are doing and who and what you believe in, kindness is universal and no one got anything done without it. And I think kindness is a first step and act towards greater good and positiveness we constantly need in this world.


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