There is something so sacred about traveling. Whether I go with people and especially on my own, I can always find this space and time in which I get so immersed in the beauty of being in transit. Being moved physically to another place opens all these new perspectives in my mind. Sometimes I can just feel how “right” and true everything is for me. Waiting at the airport, sitting in the airplane, watching the sunset gives me this necessary reminder to be one with myself. Practicing patience, calming nerves and focused observation teaches me so much about what it means to be human. We are all in this together. In transit, waiting, loving, working, and being; we are all in this together.

Traveling somehow breaks the boundaries of what normal is. People talk more with each other and they are more kind; they can be vulnerable because we are in a lot of ways. When we are in routine, it’s so easy to be stuck in our own minds, in our own cars, in our own cubicle; continuing the patterns of whatever thoughts cycle in and out. But when stationed in unfamiliar lands and going on adventures, the routine is on pause, a halt or an end. We can gain a new viewpoint. A few people came and talked with me at random about their lives throughout my journey and it was so heartwarming and surprising. I was grateful for their trust and their stories. I saw busy parents walking with their spirited babies embracing a whole new life experience. I shared smiles and laughs with strangers.

And I don’t want to exclude acts of kindness as well. Long ago, when I traveled alone, I remember the hospitality I received from people I call my friends now. Without knowing me at all, they taught me so many things about their country and open the doors to their homes and lives and showed me kindness I’ve never felt or seen before. I remember feeling so much gratitude and fortune and inclusion to be there at that time in my life. Similarly, on this trip to Hawaii, there were kind beings who gave me their walking stick for a long hike and a swimming raft without hesitation and with complete selflessness. These gestures lifted me up. I felt so honored  and continued their paying forward. It felt natural to exist and to give than it was to receive.

Although traveling can mean going somewhere new or going home or commuting, there is this sense of coming back to what matters. It makes you think about your life as an observer sometimes and maybe a new appreciation of what is and what will be.


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