bánh mì & fried chicken & chinatown oahu, hawaii memories

music: m83 – un nouveau soleil

currently feeling a bit uninspired, but i miss writing here so much. if you’re in this mood, i think listening to good music and seeing delicious food photographs can somehow fix this. i’m not positive, but it’s kinda working for me a little (hey, i’m here, right?) looking through my hawaii photographs, i remember this tasty bánh mì i had at this restaurant called the pig & the lady. i don’t know where the name came from, but it sticks with you, right? when we decided to eat here, we knew we had to cater to the hours it was open. after circling the streets of chinatown a couple of times….


the chinatown isn’t as large/complex as others i’ve been to. to be fair though, i didn’t explore it as much as i had wanted to, so maybe there were things i should’ve made a point to see.


a farmer’s market of sorts, i assume. open markets welcoming people on this semi-sunny day. it was humid.


we found a spot and walked on by. check out the cute little things at the waiting bar area. whimsical and cute.

some of the most delicious food i’ve ever eaten… no exaggeration.


Laotian fried chicken


obligatory shot – bánh mì and pho


just in case you wanted to see it in this angle. we dipped the sandwich in the soup and it was phenomenal. messy, but who cares?

some walking around the area and into markets. it reminded me of walking through the markets of taiwan a little. taiwan has much more and a lot more people, but the raw, honesty vibe of what selling and buying is was there.


for some reason, we noticed more than a couple of police cars around. i hope everything was okay.


can’t say how excited we were to see a cat. it was so cute. the first and only cat i saw in oahu hawaii.


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